Inclement Weather

Service cancellation/change procedures:

    1. If a service is canceled, we will be e-mailed a cancellation notice to our membership through Constant Contact e-mail.
    2. There will also be an announcement posted on our website. The calendar will note the closure or special service time on the appropriate date.
    3. We also use KMBC Channel 9 to announce closures. If you suspect that inclement weather has caused a service cancellation or schedule change, tune into KMBC on television or their website
    4. Snow Service” – There may be times when the weather is not bad enough to cancel, but warrants a change in service times to give Sunday School and other workers an opportunity to stay home.  A Snow Service will mean we will only have one service at 11 am and there will be no Sunday School

    Please use your own good judgment when making the decision whether to drive when the weather is questionable.