Designed to be Different Series

This page contains the audio files for the nine week Sunday School series called “Designed to be Different: A Biblical Perspective on Masculinity and Femininity.” These classes were taught to men only by our Elders and to women separately by women.

  1. Gender Roles and the Trinity
  2. Men: Headship
  3. Women: Submission
  4. Men: How to Lead a Wife who Doesn’t Submit
  5. Women: How to Submit to an Unbelieving Husband
  6. Men: The Husband as Provider
  7. Women: Woman as Homemaker
  8. Men: The Husband as Protector
  9. Women: The Woman as the Weaker Vessel
  10. Male Leadership in the Church
  11. Women’s Role in the Church
  12. Masculinity in the Workplace
  13. Femininity in the Workplace
  14. Implications of Male Leadership
  15. Modesty