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Men of Faith and Obedience

By Matt Greco

There are many wonderful and amazing stories in the book of Joshua. One of my favorite stories comes chronologically after the two spies return from spying out Jericho and before Israel marches around her walls.  The story which I am mentioning is the crossing of the Jordan River into the Promised Land.  A few sentences in this newsletter cannot do this wonderful miracle justice, but let’s look at a few key elements and apply them to our situation here and now some 2800 years later.March31

River at flood stage – The Jordan River was at flood stage (3:15) and if you know anything about a flooding river, they move fast and furious and it is not something anyone would want to cross.  What are the floods that are moving fast and furious in your life?  Is there some situation that has overflowed the banks of your control and is now stopping you from moving forward? Growing up, I can remember watching the Medicine Lodge River when it was flooding and thinking how impossible it was to cross, knowing that even the day before I crossed it.  You may have guessed, but the Medicine Lodge River is smaller than the Jordan River!  Some experts have suggested that stopping the Jordan at its widest at flood stage was physically and geologically (scientifically) more difficult than parting the Red Sea at it shallowest.  But really, what is it that our God cannot do?!

Men taking faith steps – The priests who were carrying the ark were taking faith steps.  It would have been impossible to tell where the flood waters started and the river bank dropped off, but these men who were carrying the ark were instructed and obeyed the instruction to walk to the middle of this raging, rolling river.  They stepped out in faith and the nation of Israel followed.  What are the faith steps that you need to take in your life?  Are you being obedient to the Lord so that others may follow?  Men in our Men’s Ministry are encouraged to step out in faith as we study God’s Word and fellowship together.

Standing on a firm foundation – 3:17 Informs us, “All the priests who carried the ark… stood firm on dry ground…all Israel crossed on dry ground…”  Have you ever watched a river dry up?  It may take months for the water to dry up, but always after the water has dried up the river bottom is soggy.  ISRAEL CROSSED ON DRY GROUND!  No soggy bottoms here, boys, just dry ground.  Reminds me of walking in the fire and coming out without even the smell of smoke. Have you trusted the Lord to walk you across the trials of your life?  Are you standing firm on Jesus Christ as your foundation?

Matt Greco is the Headmaster of Faith Christian Academy.

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