Women's Ministry

Women’s Ministry


Mission Statement: To serve the women of the church by encouraging and equipping them to serve the church (I Peter 4:10).

The Women’s Ministry at Faith Community Church believes that God is glorified in the church when women use the gifts He has given to them for the building up of the body (I Cor. 12:7, Romans 12:6) in submission to biblical design. The Women’s Ministry exists as a means to provide every woman in the church with an opportunity to use her gifts in service to others. We believe that mature, godly women find joy in serving alongside others, rather than in waiting to be served by others (Phil 2:4).

We realize that not every woman in the church will feel the need to be a part of the women’s ministry in order to serve the church as God has gifted her, but we offer the opportunity for every woman to serve through this structure.

We plan to accomplish this goal by:

  • Bible Studies, book studies, and events— to encourage our women to be Biblically literate, to be discerning, to develop godly relationships with other women and to apply Scripture to the unique problems and opportunities we face as women (2 Timothy 3:16). Learning the Bible and learning to work together in relationships will equip women to serve the church.
  • Mentoring—we will encourage women to seek mentors or to mentor, with the goal of bringing about obedience to the Word, especially in specific areas like relationships, nurturing children, and keeping the home (Titus 2:3-5). Those who are mentored will go on to mentor others.
  • Hospitality—we will encourage women in the church to serve others through providing and/or preparing food for scheduled church fellowships. We will ask our women to decorate seasonally to make the church look warm and welcoming (1 Peter 4:9). We will welcome new babies and celebrate weddings with showers. We will encourage our women to provide bereavement meals at the church, as needed (Romans 12:15).
  • Serving others—we will encourage women in the church to serve others through providing in-home meals for the sick, the bereaved and to new mothers. We will encourage our women to visit and send cards to FCC women who are in the hospital and to clean for those who cannot clean their own homes (Titus 3:14). We will continue to look for new ways to serve and to adapt programs as needs of women in the church are presented to us.
  • Outreach—we will encourage our women to participate in the evangelization of the nations by supporting missionary wives and participating in special service projects for missions. When we participate in service projects for the poor or needy in our city (Proverbs 31:20, Gal. 2:10) we will always remember that spiritual poverty is the most desperate need.
  • Singles ministry—we will encourage women to visit and care for our elderly widows and shut-ins (James 1:27). We will encourage singles to concern themselves with the things of the Lord and how they may please the Lord, serving the Lord in undistracted devotion (2 Cor. 7:32, 35). We will plan fellowship/service opportunities for single women of every age.

For more information about how you can be involved in Women’s Ministry, please contact the church office for a survey/volunteer form or watch for opportunities announced in the church bulletin.