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Nothing Can Compare to God’s Creation

by Jackie Rebiger

Superheroes are very popular these days with children and adults alike.  After all, they are powerful with superior strength and a cool disguise.  They fight the bad guys and rescue the good guys.  They defend the cause of “truth, justice and …”

Marjory Collins [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

God has given us our imaginations and with them we have come up with some pretty incredible things like superheroes.  It is when we take these creations of our imaginations and hold them up against what our Creator God has designed that we find them to be inferior.


Consider His angels!  I am not suggesting that angels become our new heroes, but I am suggesting a comparison to give us cause to stop and think. The things we admire in these creations of our imaginations (superheroes) are actually in reality true of the spirit beings God has created whom He has called His angels.

The Bible tells us “their appearance is like lightning,” they cause men to “shake with fear and become like dead men,” they suddenly appear and disappear without a trace, they deliver prophetic messages, “reveal the truth in times of confusion,” and are given the power to destroy, kill, guard and protect. Shouldn’t this knowledge awaken within us a greater awe of God our Creator?

The way of superheroes and that of angels stand in stark contrast.  Superheroes tend to showcase their power and abilities and have their own agendas.  Angels never draw attention to themselves. They do not accept any praise or glory for themselves. All they do are acts of service and obedience to God, who created them, to promote His purposes and fulfill His will.  In this way, are we not to be like the angels?  As always we must remember we are never to worship anything created, but are to worship God alone!

It is important that we teach our children what the Bible teaches about what God has created and not rely on storybooks and movies that often misrepresent and distort the truth.  So what is wrong with the cute chubby cherub or the beautiful woman with long hair?  The Bible teaches us that angels are neither male or female.  An interesting note:  angels never appear in the Bible to people as women.  I think this is because in God’s design, His created order, it is men that are the protectors, the warriors.

Reading your children stories straight from the Bible is a sure way to avoid error.  If you use Bible storybooks with your children, use discernment and make certain they are biblically accurate.  It is our job as parents to equip and train our children.  We know that God’s Word is truth and that it can be trusted completely.  It is without error!

Next time you hear of angels, be it in the many references in Scripture or reference in song, take time to praise God for the creativity, power and watchcare over His people they represent.  Talk about them and share them with your children.  Nothing can compare to God’s creation and there is no one like our God!

The Lord has established His throne in the heavens, And His sovereignty rules over all. Bless the Lord, you His angels, mighty in strength, who perform His Word, obeying the voice of His Word!  Bless the Lord all you His hosts, you who serve Him doing His will.  Bless the Lord, all you works of His, In all places of His dominion; Bless the Lord, O my Soul! Psalm 103:20-22

Jackie Rebiger is a member of FCC. 

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