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Orchestrated Ironing

An Original Poem

Who is the one with loving care,
that watches o’er us everywhere?

The one with understanding eyes
that lifts our burdens to the skies.

Whose hands create our very lives
and ears can hear our fervent cries.

For peace on earth and peace of mind,
for open hearts and eyes not blind.

Who is this body hung up by nails,
where at his feet a woman wails.

The one that’s mocked and crucified
by those He loves, for whom He dies.

Who is this man so plain, so pure,
He is the Son of God, I’m sure

– Autumn, 1964

Several weeks prior to writing the verses above, I had come home from a long day at work and was eager to get changed into comfortable clothes and relax.

As I reached into the closet for my favorite snuggly sweater, I noticed a small basket of laundry still needing to be ironed. I thought to myself, “I am just too tired to tackle this tonight.” However, as I was closing the closet door, I noticed one of the items in the basket was a blouse I had intended to wear to work the next day. I paused for a moment, gave a sigh and then decided if I could find an interesting TV program to watch, surely I could endure ironing my blouse and a few other items.

I turned on the television, set up my ironing board and went to the kitchen. When I returned, the program being televised featured a choir singing beautiful hymns. I felt refreshed by the music and the ironing was no longer a task.

After the choir finished singing, a very young Billy Graham stepped up to the podium to pray before delivering his message for the evening. His opening statement said he would be preaching on the blood of Christ. He proceeded to explain why it was necessary for Jesus, the sinless Lamb of God, to shed his innocent blood as an atonement for man’s sin: without the shedding blood, there could be no atonement.

Never before had I heard a message on the necessity of Christ’s blood being shed in order for man’s sin’s to be forgiven. This was a pivotal point in my life and a prelude to my salvation.

I am overwhelmed by God’s immense love, patience and great mercy. God is omnipotent, having ultimate power and influence. That fall evening in 1964, I believe the Lord orchestrated “an evening of ironing” for me. It was the exact right time and place for me to hear one of God’s servant messengers enlighten the eyes of my understanding: man’s sin could only be atoned for by Christ’s blood being shed on the cross.

I am so very thankful for all the individuals, family members and various ministries throughout the years who have invested in my life and prayed for me.

My prayer for myself, my family and others is this: may we learn to align our will with God’s and live our lives in His priorities.

Lord God – I am most thankful to you for shedding your precious Blood for me, forgiving my sins and saving my soul.

Sharon Feiser is a member of FCC.

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