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Our Daily Bread

By Dr. Timothy Juhnke

Every morning before school my dad led us in devotions.  He always read from a little devotional booklet called Our Daily Bread.  Each day it had a few verses of Scripture usually accompanied by a brief – and sometimes interesting – story for application.  Admittedly, I probably enjoyed the stories more than anything, but looking back I am extremely thankful for those mornings.  First, it established in my mind honor for God and His word.  It also established a routine – I knew every morning what we were going to do, and my dad knew every morning what he was going to read to us.  But perhaps more importantly than anything, it modeled for me what would become a lifelong pursuit:  Daily encountering God through His word.  Our Daily Bread

One of the biggest challenges to daily Bible reading is the lack of structure and routine.  Structure and routine are the disciplines that must accompany daily Bible reading.  Establish a time that you are going to set aside for Bible reading.  Depending on your schedule it may be morning or evening; but get a time established in stone and keep it!  Secondly, I strongly encourage that you find a daily devotional that will help direct you every morning.  There are three very helpful resources that I strongly recommend.  We have a couple copies of these in our bookstore, but they can be purchased at almost any major book outlet.

I highly recommend any one of the following:

  • Strength for Today by John MacArthur.  This is an excellent devotional.  MacArthur has written a devotional for each day of the year.  There’s not a lot of fluff here.  Solid Bible teaching and application.
  • Read Through the Bible in a Year by John Kohlenberger.  This is a very inexpensive investment that will reap tremendous dividends.  Kohlenberger provides some brief background to each book.  Each day has a reading plan – that if followed for a year – will result in having read through the entire Bible in one year.  Maybe this could be your New Year resolution!
  • For the Love of God: A Daily Companion for Discovering the Riches of God’s Word by D.A. Carson.  In an effort to help preserve biblical thinking and living, D. A. Carson has also written thought-provoking comments and reflections regarding each day’s scriptural passages. And, most uniquely, he offers you perspective that places each reading into the larger framework of history and God’s eternal plan to deepen your understanding of his sovereignty—and the unity and power of his Word.

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