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We Believe . . .

By Dr. Timothy Juhnke

As our older sons are serving in the military, Lori and I have been involved in trying to find good churches for them to attend.  It has been, sadly, a very difficult job.  The internet is an amazing tool to advertise, promote, and find a church, and it has helped us immensely in acquainting us with churches in their perspective areas.  One of the first things I want to know about a church is what do they believe?  Ironically, that seems to be information that churches are less and less concerned with sharing.  I am suspect of a church that doesn’t publicly declare its creed.  Jesus taught that Christians are set apart from the world by truth (John 17:17).confession

A statement of faith should serve two basic functions:  First, it provides an outline of the church’s theology.  This outline serves as a parameter for the preaching and teaching ministry of the church.  Prospective attendees should be able to get an idea of what the pulpit ministry of a church is like by looking at their confession.  Secondly, a statement of faith also serves to protect the church from false teachers and heresy.  The statement of faith is a “not welcome” sign to wolves parading as sheep.

I am thankful that if someone is considering FCC in the Kansas City area they won’t have to look hard to find out what we believe.  Of course, it is possible that a statement of faith can be forgotten or neglected or become irrelevant through lack of use.  This is one of the primary tasks of the elder:  to guard the deposit of truth (1 Tim 1:3-11; 2 Tim 1:13-14).  And we have to remember that statements of faith themselves are not inspired, they must be continually checked and reformed according to the infallible rule of Scripture.

Here’s the link to Our Confession of Faith: 

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