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What Do Visitors Think?

By Dr. Timothy Juhnke

As a pastor, I don’t visit a lot of different churches for obvious reasons.  Looking for a church has taken on a whole nWhat do visitorsew dimension for Lori and I as we pray that our older sons find good healthy churches to attend.  Last month I described the importance of a statement of faith for the church.  It should be essential.  But there is more than just creed, isn’t there?  Yes, much more.  Orthodoxy without love is obnoxious.  After scrutinizing one church from afar, and being cautiously optimistic, one son ventured a visit.  It was small – maybe 60 or 70 people.  He sat near the front.  The sermon was decent; the music good.  After the service, he hung around the literature table for awhile and then left.  He probably won’t ever go back.  Why?  They had good theology, but they lacked warmth.  During the entire service, even when he was at the literature table, no one ever spoke to him or greeted him.  My first response was anger; my very next response was, “O, Lord, do not let us be a church like that!”   Please take the time and effort to make the stranger feel welcome; you never know who you might be reaching out to.

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