Acts 1:8 Ministry

Theology of the Ministry

  • Vision: Seeing Christ exalted in our community
  • Goals:
    • To see the church’s intentional, persistent witness for Christ to grow (Acts 1:8)
    • To proclaim the message of reconciliation to all who will hear in our community and urge them to be reconciled to God (2 Cor. 5:20)
    • To see new disciples brought into the body, discipled in our church, and sent back out to be disciple-makers (Matthew 28:19-20)

Logistics of the Ministry

  • Who?
    • Those who sense a gifting of evangelism and who are approved of by the elders will help lead, facilitate, and teach the training at each outreach event.
    • All members of Faith Community Church that are able to come are welcome.
  • When?
    • Third Saturday of each month, 9am-11am (training session approx. 9-9:30). Launch date will be July 20th, 2019. (Aug. 17, Sept. 21, Oct. 19, Nov. 16)
  • Where?
    • Meet in the chapel building and disperse to community neighborhoods after training. The focus region will be the blocked area south of NW Cookingham Dr, East of I29, North of MO-152, and West of MO-169 (although, any neighborhoods/houses outside of this region that are near our church building should be sought after as well, as well as small group neighborhoods).
  • How?
    • Training
      • Door to Door engagement method- On behalf of Faith Community Church, we will engage each home by asking for prayer requests. This will serve as a way to both serve our community and gage whether or not the house is a house of peace. If they are open to prayer, we will pray for them and then ask them, “Can I ask you a spiritual question.” If they say, “yes,” then that opens the door for a spiritual conversation.[1]
      • Gospel training- Each training session we will briefly rehearse the essentials of the Gospel that must be proclaimed. These essentials are: Sin and Holiness, Deity of Christ, Death/Burial/Resurrection of Christ, Need for repentance & trust in Christ as Lord and Savior.
      • When someone is ready to trust in Christ- We will have small cards that outline the Gospel message that we can read together with the person. We may ask them a question like, “Do you believe each word on this card?” If they say “yes,” we may encourage them to call out to God, declaring that they are turning from their sins to trust in Christ for the forgiveness of sins and acknowledge Him as their Lord and Savior.[2]
    • Partnering- As the disciples were sent out in pairs, we will go out in pairs (if possible). We will seek to place evangelistically-gifted individuals with those who have never evangelized/feel less confident.*
    • Materials- Each team will be given a small handout with practical reminders of how to engage each home. Each team will be given a list of addresses to go to with information to mark off for each house.
    • Information Tracking- God-willing, there will be a map printed to see of our targeted region. Additionally, each team will collect information about each home that they visited and we will collect that information so that we can know who to follow up with/which homes have heard the Gospel etc.
    • Discipleship- Brandon Loewen will be facilitating discipleship for those who come to faith in Christ through this ministry.

Questions we need to answer:

  1. Door to door engagement strategy? Do we teach only one or give different options? What is most helpful for the body?
  2. Gospel presentation method? Do we teach only one or give different options? What is most helpful for the body?
  3. Partnering? Placing men and women together? Only women teams? Teams of two or three?
  4. Training sessions? Alternate teacher and training content?
  5. Leading someone to Christ. Tracks to have ready?
  6. Info to collect from every house: Home, Prayed with, Gospel Conversation, Salvation, Open to follow up. Anything else?
  7. Talk about map and areas to evangelize.

This method of engagement is not a requirement by any means. Rather, it will
serve as an optional tool to use in order to engage people in spiritual

Like the Door to Door engagement method, this is a method of helping confirm a
genuine profession of faith; this method is not a requirement.