Current Projects


You can help place God’s Word in the hands of orphans in Ukraine for only $3.00 per bible!

Partner with Christians in Ukraine to print the Jesus Storybook Bible in their language and distribute it to 30,000 orphans.  Believers will personally deliver the Bibles to these children through a network of over 100 churches and 30 Christian organizations already working in orphanages in every region of the country.

The Jesus Storybook Bible will be a valuable tool for churches and believers, equipping them to minister more effectively to orphans who desperately need to hear the gospel message of a loving Father who sent His Son to rescue them and bring them into His family.

If you are interested in helping to care for orphans in this way, please make checks out to “Faith Community Church” and write “Bibles for Orphans” on the outside of the envelope.  The Orphan Ministry will be collecting money from Sunday December 30th – Sunday January 20th.  The bibles will be distributed to the orphans on Easter.  This is a wonderful way to also get our children involved in caring for orphans!

For more information this bible story ministry we are partnering with, please visit Here is a sample of a four-page story in Jesus Storybook Bible called “Heaven breaks through”, The story of John the Baptist, from Matthew 3, Luke 1, 3; John 1.

If you have any questions, please contact Nate & Lisa Knorr, Brent & Shelly Campbell, Kevin & Sarah Bush or Greg & Allison Dull.