At Faith Community Church, we strive to provide our members and those interested in our church with resources to help them grow in Christ.  We create short videos of sermons and announcements, highlighting the message that was given that week. We then post them using our Facebook page, along with announcements and church information.  We are including a feed from that Facebook page here on the website for users who do not have a Facebook account.  That feed is listed under this Resources page and is called “Video Blog”.

We have also created am “Articles” page where numerous pastors, elders, and members of our body have written on various topics, chapters of the bible, and shared testimonies of God working in their lives.  Those articles can also be found under this Resources page called “Articles”. We plan to publish 2 articles a week on that blog page.

Due to limited resources, we are slowly transcribing some popular sermons so they are available to read. Those are also available under this Resource Page. These can be downloaded, searched, and printed. We hope to add more to this library in 2015.